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Communicating a Pulse

March 3, 2009

Communicating a Pulse Produced by Victoria Estok (4:16) Short Description: Lately my thoughts seem to be of cyclical quality … thoughts and memories circle round like neural-intuitive vultures seemingly leading me to something that is just beyond my view … More Information: This narrative audio piece shares a childhood memory  … This work articulates […]

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Natural History Museum

Natural History Dream

December 18, 2008

Natural History Dream produced by Victoria Estok (19:53) Short Description A  20 minute sonic portrait of various diorama sections within (North American Mammals, Millstein Hall of Ocean Life, and Akeley Hall of African Mammals ) The American Museum of Natural History located on Central Park West at 79th St. in Manhattan.  The sounds compiled […]

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Train Swansong

May 19, 2008

Train Swansong Short Description: Subterranean sounds become an unusually rich composed cacophony … Train Swansong from Victoria Estok on Vimeo. More Information: Train Swansong is a processing project that allows the user to create different compositions from field recordings taken at various subway stations and neighborhoods. Subway train sounds can be controlled by your keyboard […]

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Record Exchange

Record Exchange

May 19, 2008

Record Exchange Produced by Victoria Estok (8:23) recordexchange This audio documents what I consider to be one of the most important places in Princeton, NJ. I created it as a compliment and offshoot to the 2008 Sonic Fragment Festival. Rather than submitting more university field recordings, I thought it would be more interesting to create […]

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Bathing Ritual

November 15, 2006

Bathing Ritual produced by Victoria Estok (0:56) Short Description At the water’s edge, shivering, she makes her way through dead leaves, crickets cease with the opening of a door … Bathing Ritual was part of a telephone tour (City in a Soundwalk) dreamt up by Ryan Holsopple and curated by Lise Brenner. More Information: […]

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