Train Swansong

Short Description:

Subterranean sounds become an unusually rich composed cacophony …

Train Swansong from Victoria Estok on Vimeo.

More Information:

Train Swansong is a processing project that allows the user to create different compositions from field recordings taken at various subway stations and neighborhoods. Subway train sounds can be controlled by your keyboard – activated – sped up – layered – silenced. Subway trains correspond to the appropriate letter and/or number on your keyboard. Mouse control to activate sounds that were mapped to different neighborhoods. This project had many incarnations and I felt that in the end the field recordings took on a darker sound when layered together. This was an ambitious mapping project that required many extra hours tapping the resources at the Columbia’s Computer Music Center.¬†Train Swansong was projected/performed using a midi-controller during Digital Art in Unexpected Places (an evening/happening in Roosevelt, NJ)

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