Tending Space Fellowship

May 5, 2017

Many thanks to Hemera Foundation and Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center for an upcoming Tending Space Fellowship. I’ve been looking forward to spending time in wilderness of the Tusas Mountains. Tending Space Fellowships support contemplative practice and offer support for full-time artists to attend meditation retreats throughout the U.S.

Micro-broadcast Experimentation

May 1, 2017

Conducting a micro-broadcast experiment at PC4 (16 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers) Saturday, May 6 from 12 – 4 pm during Yonkers Arts Weekend. Drop by, say hello, and tune in!


And It’s One, Two, Three …

November 23, 2016

what are we fighting for …

Flags have a haunting quality … post election especially.

Steve Lambert and I decided we would put up some earth flags as a reminder of what’s at stake and a tribute to what’s important.

We received some encouraging honks.

Our hope is that little gestures like this will encourage others to figure out ways consistently to do what you can — no matter the scale — to make the world a better place.


Performance at A Night of Alchemy

November 18, 2016

A little magic, a little comedy, our kind of alchemy.

A side project for A Night of Alchemy, A Blade of Grass’ 2016 fundraiser event. A group effort Scott Vermeire, helped with the writing, Steve Lambert was the MC /Magician connecting with the crowd over post election jokes and sleights of hand and my role was as the multi faceted: beekeeper, cat burglar, and tech savvy sequined magician’s assistant.




September 22, 2016

During the final Open Studios (September 24th) My performance will focus on the washing of hands and possibly a few surfaces too. More info on the open studios here


Contested Space …

August 26, 2016











Screening & Surveillance

On view: 8/27 (5-8pm); 9/10 (12-4pm); 9/24 (12-4pm)

By entering the lobby at 5 Anderson St. in New Rochelle, NY you will be part of the next video project made from security footage.Using ongoing surveillance in the lobby of this building expands on themes represented in See, Hear, No Evil. Is your attention pulled in multiple directions? This video starts with the idea that our attention is and has always been contested space. The alternative, deep listening, is indigenous but often overshadowed in our daily lives.

Upcoming: Artist Talk at SNC MFA Interdisciplinary Arts

July 28, 2016

August 2, 2016 5pm …



Ideally Yours?

July 22, 2016

Ideally Yours?

Ideally Yours? is an collaborative art project where I’m inviting residents to help create a clay map/diorama of the Central Business District (CBD). Together we’ll create a clay sculpture that represents the citizen’s observations, hopes, and ideals. Over the course of the summer we’ll re-imagine the downtown area of New Rochelle; if you’re curious come by!

Arts at Five Anderson


Seeing Wetiko

July 18, 2016

July starburst …

See, Hear, No Evil will be a part of this July starburst … a collection of works organized by /The Rules (/TR) is a global network of activists, organizers, designers, coders, researchers, writers and others dedicated to changing the rules that create inequality and poverty around the world.

About Seeing Wetiko


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Performance at Catch, Hudson Basilica

July 10, 2016

Images courtesy of Maria Baranova

Images courtesy of Maria Baranova











This was a performance I did with Steve Lambert for the CATCH series of performance events. Hard to sum up in words, but aside from being fun collaboration this experimental performance contained applicable metaphors within a musical comedy of errors. CATCH takes the Basilica Hudson was Presented by CATCH series curators Andrew Dinwiddie, Jeff Larson and Caleb Hammons.




Sound Installation at Assifa Space

May 30, 2016

The anchor of the Roosevelt Arts Project 2015-16 season; a NATUREmedia exhibit. My contribution: Morning Songs


Arts Residency in the Queen City on the Sound

May 19, 2016

Many thanks to Residency Unlimited and New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID) for an upcoming 3 month arts residency starting mid June 2016. Arts at 5 Anderson Street  will be both storefront/studio to six artists as well as a space for pop -up exhibitions throughout the summer. I’m excited to explore multiple aspects of research and integrate a series of projects that address power in public space and give voice and form to the ideals of New Rochelle residents through; broadcast, audio interventions, and collaborative sculpture and maybe even performance in a generous downtown storefront studio space. This new residency aims to thoughtfully explore how initiatives of urban development, rejuvenation and community planning can align with pressing concerns for the environment and future sustainability, materially as well as culturally.




April 30, 2016

My addition to Antonio Murga’s  ONE MINUTE SYMPHONY (Vol. I: APOLOGY OF INSECTS endogamic 008) a collection of one minute miniature. From a long standing fascination and experimentation with bull roarers … My contribution: Bull Roarer. Full Album available here.


il suno percepito, il suono racconatato

January 10, 2015

After a long wait … my experiments with directional sound technology and observations have a chapter in this Italian text.


Wave Farm!

October 23, 2014

Galen Joseph-Hunter and Tom Roe have graciously invited my SUNY Purchase students to participate in a broadcast segment during their Saturday afternoon show at Wave Farm  on WGCX on October 25th from 4-5pm — Tune in!


Overtones & Undercurrents

September 29, 2014









Ryan Pratt and I return with a collaborative experimental composition Overtones and Undercurrents to the Riverside Drive Viaduct tunnel in Harlem for the third installment of a public art intervention series by the West Harlem Art Fund that will coincide with the Paris based Festival of Lights.

Overtones and Undercurrents will kick off the October 4th event at 4pm in the viaduct tunnel at 125th st. Utilizing the viaduct tunnel’s acoustics we will directionally project, explore, and fill the tunnel with manipulated partials from direct field recordings taken from the surrounding environment.

Should be fun — if you’re in the area stop by and say hello. Multiple performances and art events will happen throughout the evening along the viaduct corridor following our 4pm tunnel piece.

Under the Viaduct in Harlem’s White Light
October 4th 4pm -8pm
125th Street to 135th street/West Harlem