Skin rubbed smooth

April 1, 2018

 Earlid’s liminal sounding: Skin rubbed smooth

What lies beneath, skin next to other skins, the outer interior of objects, excised stories. Stylus on wax, like a tattoo. Chisel and brush, pigment. An imagined layering of hides and rind and peel. Fifteen short works answer these many hollers in Earlid’s fourth annual Liminal Sounds. LISTEN

Featuring …

Adern X
Adriene Lilly
Annette le Fort
Blanc Sceol [Stephen Shiell + Hannah White]
Dorota Blaszczak
Ernestus Chald
Gabi Schaffner
Garrett Tiedemann
Jamie Fleet + Judith Williams
Joan Schuman
John Roach
La Cosa Preziosa
Stephen Bradley
Tanya Workman
Timo Kahlen
Victoria Estok







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