The Nerve Machine

produced by Victoria Estok & Karen Werner (2:16)

Short Description

Assailed by doubts, fears and illusions on all sides, the warfare within our bodies is a silent one. Spin the late Dr. Bridgman’s Nerve Machine Wheel and find out how your innermost questions reveal your neurological destiny.

Nerve Machine was produced for the 2008 TCF ShortDocs Challenge: Radio Ephemera.

More Information

Radio Ephemera was Third Coast Festival’s 2008 audio challenge, invited producers, artists, writers and radio fans of all stripes (newbies to veterans) to submit finished audio works (aka Radio Ephemera) inspired by two books from the Prelinger library, including the voice of a stranger, and lasting two and one-half to three minutes … The Nerve Machine was an audio collaboration between Karen Werner and Victoria Estok. Inspired by Control of the Mind and Body and The Stork Didn’t Bring You.


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