Bathing Ritual

produced by Victoria Estok (0:56)

Short Description

At the water’s edge, shivering, she makes her way through dead leaves, crickets cease with the opening of a door … Bathing Ritual was part of a telephone tour (City in a Soundwalk) dreamt up by Ryan Holsopple and curated by Lise Brenner.

More Information:

PETER STUYVESANT’S GHOST (PSG) was a civic art project inspired by the radical environmental and cultural changes during the Dutch colonial period (c. 1620-1670) in what is now New York City. PSG features SIX unique projects and facilitates active participation on the part of a widely varied audience. Events are located within the footprint of Peter Stuyvesant’s 17th century farm, known today as 4th Avenue to the East River, and East 4th to 22nd Streets. A self-guided walk through the area of Peter Stuyvesant’s farm utilizing pay or cellphones to access soundworks via an open-source telephony server featuring original sound art pieces created for PSG. The WALKING MAP indicated the specific pay phones from which to call into the server. (After making a connection, dial the message code provided for that particular site, thereby accessing a one minute audio piece made in response to historical/topographical information about 17th century Manhattan Island.  PETER STUYVESANT’S GHOST aimed to uncover the buried topography of the farm, moving audiences through contemporary streets, rousing historical and environmental perceptions, and breathing a flicker of life into imagined realities.

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