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Cachos Confessions

December 19, 2009

            Cachos Confessions This project was made in collaboration with Carolina Montalvo and Blake McDowell. Using AEC grant money and the consultation of taxidermist David Swenderman we were able to take a handful of bull horns, corkboard, maxmsp, and a collection of  audio confessions and make an interactive sound installation. Cachos Confessions […]

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Uncommon Ground

December 9, 2009

Uncommon Ground Uncommon Ground from Steve Lambert on Vimeo. Uncommon Ground is a sound installation created by Victoria Estok and Steve Lambert. Using stethoscopes against a 5×5 foot planter box, people can hear the plants commentary, discussions, and inner thoughts – which are normally inaudible to human beings. The plants are voiced by comedians and […]

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November 19, 2008

Parabox Short description: Parabox was created to be part sound installation/part experiment – an inquiry into what children hear when they are in an enclosed in their own private space and afforded the opportunity to author their own stories. This Read Aloud literacy event took place at PS 165 Robert E Simon School. More Information: […]

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Bathing Ritual

November 15, 2006

Bathing Ritual produced by Victoria Estok (0:56) Short Description At the water’s edge, shivering, she makes her way through dead leaves, crickets cease with the opening of a door … Bathing Ritual was part of a telephone tour (City in a Soundwalk) dreamt up by Ryan Holsopple and curated by Lise Brenner. More Information: […]

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