Natural History Dream

Natural History Museum

produced by Victoria Estok (19:53)

Short Description

A  20 minute sonic portrait of various diorama sections within (North American Mammals, Millstein Hall of Ocean Life, and Akeley Hall of African Mammals ) The American Museum of Natural History located on Central Park West at 79th St. in Manhattan.  The sounds compiled are a mix realm of real and fantasy. Direct field recordings ground the listener and processed sounds take the listener to an imagined soundscape heard during a walk through the museum.

More Information

This audio piece explores how memory and emotion in this location as well as wandering as a viable activity. This project is part ode to the Natural History Museum and also driven by a curiosity in how sound connects us to ourselves and others while at the same time creating private space.

The quiet diorama (at least in my childhood mind) was an testament of time about how humans endanger and fetishize various species.  This audio piece invites the listener to experience the interior corridors of the American Museum of Natural History and also playfully ponder our misguided understanding of wildlife and extinction.

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