City Soundings for Radiophonic Creation Day

June 4, 2011

City Soundings was a collaborative composition side project made for Radiophonic Creation Day organized by Wiska Radkiewicz and Andrea Cohen. Several composers/artists took field recordings of their home cities, passing back and forth a pool of sound – sort of like a digital editing game of telephone – the result being a collective composition that incorporated many different compositional styles.

Contributers: Steven Brown (UK), Marek Choloniewski (Poland), Andrea Cohen (France), Victoria Estok (USA), Brad Garton (USA), Janete El Haouli (Brazil), Andrew Hugill (UK), Malle Maltis (Estonia), Wiska Radkiewicz (USA), Hernan Risso Patron (Argentina), Franziska Schroeder (UK),Andrei Smirnov (Russia), Marie Wennersten (Sweden), Lidia Zielinska (Poland). Andrea Cohen presented City Soundings during a radio programme on France Culture, the public cultural French radio. Give a listen if you like here to a portion of this broadcast.
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