Audio Postcards …

May 19, 2014











Audio Postcard was an experiment exploring how digital life influences the construction of identity. I was curious to see what would happen when four undergrad students from NYU with little to no experience manipulating sound and four MA composition students from the University of Córdoba became audio pen pals. This exchange was inspired by the Soundson program a web-based environment in which composers or students living in different countries create collective compositions through an ongoing exchange of sounds. Students from my Intro to Digital Arts class at NYU Steinhardt initiated a sound exchange with Gonzalo Biffarella’s Composition with New Technologies class at the University of Córdoba, Argentina during Spring 2014. Their audio postcard correspondence was determined by a set of conceptual rules. Every two weeks, each student gathered sounds that best captured who they are and what life was like in their home city. At the end of the semester each class group created a one minute sonic portrait of their home city from their collective audio clips.

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