Produced by Victoria Estok (15:00)

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Bathed in ultraviolet light one hears a languid language and mechanized submersion converge … the LILAC’s engine room reverberates of what was and what could be…

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Steamer Lilac – Water Works Exhibition – Pier 40 – Hudson River – OHNY 2008

The Water Works Exhibition was hosted by LLP’s The LILAC Preservation Project . The show was curated by artist-in residence, Amy Digi and took place on the Steamer LILAC which is berthed on the Northside of Pier 40, Houston Street, on the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Painters, mixed media,and aqueous sculptures dominated the show. All works were for sale except mine. I wanted to make something that incorporated the ship’s body and have visitors really experience it. Submerged was an audio installation that took place in the dark deep recess of the boiler room.  As people explore the ship they could climb and crawl their way through the dimly black light lit boiler room.

Artists featured in the exhibition include: Liz Adams, Yasue Arai, John Baber, Carol Douglas, Victoria Estok, Mary Ann Glass, Marilyn Harari, Linda Hubbard, Rick Michalek, Maddy Morales, Sharon Nakazato, Rein Singfield, Christopher Staples, Ruth Ternovitz, Joe Vacara, Diane Waller, Marcia Wiley, Elizabeth Winchester, Kristin Zimmerman, and others.

The LILAC is a decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard vessel that served first as a Lighthouse Tender and later as WAGL-227 as a Buoy Tender from 1933-1972. The last vessel in her class (Violet class) surviving, The LLP’s mission is to preserve, restore, and renew the LILAC to its original condition and purpose a steaming vessel. To that end, LPP created programs whereby the LILAC serves as an educational aide and service vessel to the community.

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