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In 2000, I attended COP6 (sixth round of negotiations for the Kyoto Protocol) with a group of students during summit sponsored by Greenpeace…

I decided to go on a cross country poster campaign in preparation for my trip. It was during this time the idea that conveying a message was most effective in a place where it was unexpected. My posters ended up in phone booths, truck stops and bathrooms all over the US.

Before going to COP6  we read a lot of climate science literature that stated we had a ten year window to do something. Haunted by the fact that this ten year window is closing and driven by my interest in sound perception … I decided to take both passions a step further.

The project that I’m proposing would take this idea of finding yourself in a space where you are presented with an unexpected message a step further. A benefit of this project’s delivery is that, unlike posters which didn’t allow me to see people’s reactions, in this project I’ll be in direct one to one contact with the people. I imagine this message being heard as one’s own conscience. This can be achieved effectively by using a HHS hyper-sonic sound device. This is an audio device that emits a narrow beam of recorded sound that can be directed precisely on the intended subject’s body.

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