What was good for the project may not have been so good for my mental health. I spent the weeks before the conference listening to ten years worth of archived climate conference meetings. I recorded audio from past conferences that I found moving. I edited those statements and sentiments to their essence. My plan was if the opportunity presented itself and I had a longer time to project sounds I wanted to reflect COP attendees own words from the past ten years back onto them. Like the Ghost of Christmas Past I speak to the passing of time. I didn’t need to make outright statements of my own. By presenting the past to an unsuspecting COP16 conference attendee, the listener would come to their own conclusion.

Some of their own words from the past ten years …

Longer audio clips from the past ten years …


For the patient and ambitious or crazy more audio to be found below …

or you can take listen to UNFCC Climate talks

settle in and listen to their speeches and statements

if you’re feeling very energetic and willing to listen — maybe you’ll try the UNFCC News Archive

or radio yourself!

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