It took many attempts to make the HSS portable. Concerns about weight, power, visibility were hard to juggle. I h ad many advisors on this: old neighbors, friends, artists, camera crew people, electrical engineers, enthusiastic home depot folks who wanted a break, boat supplier and auto zone, and wound up solving it at this surreal electronic shop called “You Do It Electronics”.

wiring diagram

tags to hook up to inverter










The first set up below didn’t work. But eventually bought a 12V DC – that did. Wound up fashioning it to look like a power box – since I was worried about taking batteries on a plane – etc. We got through the airport and customs easily. I embarrassingly and needlessly worried about this for months! If only I recorded the conversations. People either told me to relax or that it was likely I wouldn’t be able to take my equipment on the plane – or worse! Fortunately getting through the airport was much easier than I anticipated. They had a randomized red light/green light system regarding bag checks. I always got green … my partner and cameraman at COP16 always got red.

semi-maddening attempts at portability ...


the disguise process begins

hoping this works kind of a last minute resort


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