Work in Progress: A community art project in New Rochelle, NY.

I am working on a series of projects that playfully and intimately address power in public space by giving voice to the ideals of New Rochelle residents.  During my time here, I am asking members of the community to share their point of view: What brought you here? What’s it like to live here? What defines this place? How could it be better? What makes this place home? What’s your relationship like with your neighbors? If you had the power to re-imagine the Central Business District what changes would you like to see? What would you like to remain? etc., This invitation will serve as a starting point, prompting participation and the deeper, imaginative discourse I’m working towards capturing. Walking into the storefront space you will see a partial clay diorama sculpture that is the initial result from my walks and observations of the city. But as an outsider, my starting point will be incomplete. And of course, the only way for a city to be thoroughly explored; topographically, culturally, environmentally, and observationally in clay, is through the participation from locals.

This eventual audio project will provide people in the community, especially those who may feel most marginalized, a structure to share their ideas about the present, and creatively consider and reveal choices about the future. I see this residency as an opportunity to integrate multiple aspects of research and practice collaboratively with residents through a variety of mediums. Through this experience I’m hoping to give form to an unheard and unseen side of the city.


Estok_Ideally Yours?

Ideally Yours? | 2016 | Art