Brotherly Love, Where Art Thou?

A public audio intervention – a micro radio broadcast and performance using a portable micro-transmitter, a hand held radio studio, and a collection of radios.

The current national climate around politics and culture is tense – talk radio has played a significant part in escalating tension, increasing confusion, resistance and rage. This project aims to reclaim radio, on a smaller scale, to bring people back together. During our time together you will both listen to and then have the opportunity to be part of a contemplative roving micro-radio broadcast that is a mediation on, a quest for, and an experiment in brotherly love.

Supported by MEGAPOLIS 2017 and first experienced inside PhillyCam before we took our search to the streets where we eventually wound up in Washington Square in Philadelphia, PA.

Heartfelt gratitude for all who took the time to explore what brotherly love means both leading up to and during the roving micro-radio event. Special thanks to Christine Hall, Meredith Degyansky, (photo credit) and Nisse Grennberg for their hands on help in Philly.

If spreading brotherly love is of interest to you – please be in touch and we can figure out a way to explore this more where you are …

Brotherly Love, Where Art Thou? | 2017 | Art, Radio